Coming out of the stationary closet

Since I started this blog (yes,a whole two weeks ago!), I have spent a little time surfing around other peoples blogs, and have been astounded at what I have found and also discovered about others as well as myself. For instance, I have just discovered that I hoard (or collect) pens, and have for my whole life. I love them. Also, diaries/planners as well as notbooks and other stationary related products. I never imagined that others around the world had similar interest and collections – or much to my surprise, actualy atively enjoy, record and document them!

I recently wrote to, about his collection of Bic pens, to which he replied that he would like to see pictures to  mine. It wasnt until he asked that I realised I dont have any pictures of my pen collection. In fact, all these pens live in various drawers and shoe boxes scattered around the house and garage, with hundreds still at my parents place. It was at that point that I realised that, up until now, I have been an ‘in-the-closet’ collector. No one really knows about my stationary collecting habits, not even my husband, who to his credit, is not a nosey man and thus does not open shoeboxes and drawers.

So, George, if you are reading this, thank you very much for inspiring me, I have taken a photo of the pens that I am sending you, and intend to start going through all those boxes to both clean them out and document them as well.

Also, being female, I went out on a bit of a online stationary shopping trip and and anticipately awaiting Ebay purchases from all around the world! Will blog these as they come in.


001-You can help me, but you can’t stop me.

I always wanted somewhere to record the lessons that I learn in life. There used to be a saying about ‘Everyday someone drops a pearl of wisdom” and then it went on to mention being wise about picking it up. I can’t remember how it goes, but I do try and make a point of picking up my pearls everyday, and trying to learn from my mistakes by not making them again (nice thought, but hardly happens) . So, maybe a good way to remember them is to jot them down and reference them.

So, this one is the first one. And it’s and original! I made it up. Well, actually it came about in an argument with my father about something or rather when I was a teenager. I think it was about me changing schools. I wanted to go to another school and both my parents were against the idea. Very against the idea. I was in my second last year and it was all nearly over – why change now?

Well, I was not very happy either at the school, or with the school. I had gotten an after-school job a couple of years previously and noticed that the kids going to the other school were a lot happier, smarter and had a better outlook on life in general. They had more friends and actually undertook things as a group or a team. From what I heard, the teachers there were actually helpful and interested in their schooling. This was all foreign to me. In contrast, at our school, the teachers showed us how to pack and roll joints, where to hide marijuana, had sexual relationships with students and amongst themselves (without bothering to hide it either), had no, and I mean no, curriculum, order, or environment.

I wanted order, I wanted education, I wanted to be part of a bigger group, not the disconnected remnants of what remained of my peers.

My parents wanted me to stay at the old school, predominately because they wouldn’t have to drive me anywhere in the morning (the bus stop was our home driveway).

But I was determined. I worked and brought my own new school uniforms and purchased the text books and everything else I needed with my own money so that my parents would not be out-of-pocket.

Still, they were not convinced. During one argument one day, this beauty rolled off my tongue, and I think it strung a chord with both my Dad, and myself.

He didn’t say anything after that, and I didn’t have too. He got the message. I was not going to back off. I was my own person now and could make my own decisions, and I believed that this one was a good one.

I did move schools. And it was one of the best periods of my life. It was how I pictured it to be, and I had a great time. I learnt a lot at the school, and I made lifelong friends that I still have today. My only regret was not believing in myself and leaving earlier.

Since then, I have said this lesson out aloud to others and also in silence to myself, and I believe it is true. Get out of my way, I know what I want, I am going to get there whether you help me or not, so stand aside or grease the slide!