And so it starts…

OK, so since the last post, I have started to reasearch and aquire a whole stack of nice pens.  By nice, I dont mean expensive, but in saying that, I have started to lash out an purchase a few of these too. So far, this one is my everyday “I love it” pen. It’s a Caran d’Ache Ecridor Silver Eclat Ball Pen.  

Unfortunatley for me, being new to all this, I did not research things like refills before I brought it, However, luckily for me it uses (as I have just found out) standard Parker Refills, which means that I have already managed to aquire some lovely gel coloured gel refills and am currently writing in bright pink!

I am sure I will get bored of this soon and revert back to “Fine – Black”, but after having a look around I have decided to check out the refills issue more in the future as I enjoy the fact that you can both easily acquire Parker Refills in nearly all ink types, nib sizes and colours. I sure plan to make the most of this!!

It’s probably not the best photo, but the pen itself is LOVELY!

It is engraved with little swirls and has crystals embeded into it. It’s a solid pen, but not too weighty. It writes well too, and it does not have any of those annoying little metal clashing sounds that some pens have when you write with them. Overall, I love it and I think it was a great investment for the likes of someone like myself.

I have discovered that I an more prone to purchase retractable pens as they normally have a clip (so that you can attach them to your diary or notebook – or in my instance to the coller of my t-shirt!), as opposed to pens with lids. I find that I eaither leave the lids laying around, hence losing them, which is a pet hate! Retractables mean no lost lids, no on and off’s, just click and it;s ready to go!


Coming out of the stationary closet

Since I started this blog (yes,a whole two weeks ago!), I have spent a little time surfing around other peoples blogs, and have been astounded at what I have found and also discovered about others as well as myself. For instance, I have just discovered that I hoard (or collect) pens, and have for my whole life. I love them. Also, diaries/planners as well as notbooks and other stationary related products. I never imagined that others around the world had similar interest and collections – or much to my surprise, actualy atively enjoy, record and document them!

I recently wrote to, about his collection of Bic pens, to which he replied that he would like to see pictures to  mine. It wasnt until he asked that I realised I dont have any pictures of my pen collection. In fact, all these pens live in various drawers and shoe boxes scattered around the house and garage, with hundreds still at my parents place. It was at that point that I realised that, up until now, I have been an ‘in-the-closet’ collector. No one really knows about my stationary collecting habits, not even my husband, who to his credit, is not a nosey man and thus does not open shoeboxes and drawers.

So, George, if you are reading this, thank you very much for inspiring me, I have taken a photo of the pens that I am sending you, and intend to start going through all those boxes to both clean them out and document them as well.

Also, being female, I went out on a bit of a online stationary shopping trip and and anticipately awaiting Ebay purchases from all around the world! Will blog these as they come in.