Easter Weekend 2011


Still going ahead with the art journalling that I wanted to keep up with this year, Here is some of the recent works.

In and effort to be less boring (is that even possible with me?) I am endeavouring to undertake a few baking projects over the easter break.

Here is the wish list:

1. The Epic Rainbow Cake

2. French Macaroons

3. Turkish Delight

4. Caramel Cheesecake

5. Greek Galaktobouriko

I started making the six layers for the Rainbow Cake last night, and made the icing this morning. It is currently in the fridge setting before I finish off the rest of the icing. I made two batches of Buttercream icing and I think I am going to be short. However, considering the amount of butters and sugar (2 blocks of butter to 4.5 cups sugar!) For the sake of health,. even if it looks like it needs more, I dont think I am going to make it.